Welcome to Skydive the Rock, the only skydiving establishment in Wisconsin that allows you to jump over not just one, but two states! Located in Beloit, Wisconsin right on the border with Illinois. Enjoy a jump from 14,000 feet with our experienced tandem masters and enjoy views of “The Rock”:  Rockford, Rock County, and the beautiful Rock River! 

While you wait to jump, enjoy your time picnicking with family, watching free DirectTV or playing pool or foosball in our lounge, and taking in the sights of other jumpers!  

Skydive the Rock is not your average dropzone - here is what makes us different:

  • Safety is our first priority.  We have some of the most experienced tandem masters in the industry - many of whom have made (literally) thousands upon thousands of skydives.
  • The Beloit Airport is a great place to hang out! If you've skydived before, you know that waiting is part of the experience - but why not wait in comfort?! Beloit Airport offers some of the best natural surroundings of any airport in the State -- and we have an awesome lounge with TV and games for the family.
  • Our bathrooms are spotless - that's right - you can sit on the seat knowing that we clean that baby every day!
  • We want you to have fun! We got into this business to have a good time, and will try our best to make sure you do to (safely!) 
  • Beloit offers many other activities for after your jump - so make a day of it! Beloit is a great community with many awesome things to do after you're done jumping - visit the Visit Beloit page here!


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